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Information Sheets for ERGO Travel Insurances

How to find the relevant product information sheet (PIB)

Because of amendments in the German insurance contract law (VVG), all German insurance companies have to provide extended information and advisory services to their clients from 1st July 2008.

Prior to the contract conclusion you as a client have to receive the product information sheet (PIB). This contain all essential elements of the choosen product. 

This is how to find the relevant product information sheet:

Please enter the chosen tariff (e.g. FC100) into the line "Tariff" and click on button "show". The PIB will appear in a seperate window as a pdf file. More tariffs (up to 5) may be entered in the line "Tariff" by separating them using commas or semicolons. The product information sheet is available for all rates valid from 1st November 2007.


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