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Medical Travel Insurance for Students from abroad

Good reasons for our incoming health insurance for foreign students and au pairs:

  • The minimum level of protection for your stay in Germany, and in other host countries holidays / side trips to other countries. Without a health check!
  • Completion until the last minute before departure possible.
  • Your home leave for e.g. vacations during your stay is insured.
  • Save money in an emergency in a hospital or for drug.
  • Our emergency service provides 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support in medical emergencies.

Incoming Medical Insurance for students and au pairs meets all the requirements relating to a Schengen Visa in accordance with Article 15 Visa Code. The sum insured is unlimited, providing the legally required minimum cover of EUR 30,000.

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Product Description

Cover is provided for the following:
In the event of serious illness or accident while the insured stay we will pay, amongst others, the costs of

  • in-patient treatment in hospital including operations that cannot be delayed
  • out-patient treatment, drugs, medicines and bandages
  • dental treatment for the relief of pain
  • medical treatment in the event of c omplications in pregnancy
  • medically effective and reasonable return transport from abroad to the home country

In an emergency, our Emergency Call Centre is available to you 24 hours a day for:

  • the organisation of a hospital visit for a person close to you
  • a cost payment guarantee up to EUR 15,000
  • Information on the options for care by an English-speaking doctor

Your home leave e.g. for vacation during your stay is covered.

Sum insured: unlimited

There are some risks, however, which are not covered by the Incoming Medical Insurance. Not insured, for instance, are treatments which you already know before the start of your journey to be necessary during your stay for medical reasons (e.g. dialyses). For further information please read our insurance terms and conditions.

The excess for medical treatment costs abroad shall be € 100 for each insured event.

The policy can be taken out at any time before the start of the insured stay.

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